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Viet Nam visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA) is the fastest and most convenient way to obtain Vietnam visa at the lowest price, and it is definitely reliable.

HANOTOURS will provide the invitation letter which is used to check in at the departure airport and to pick up the visa upon arrival.


Fill out the Online Application Form

Confirm and pay service fees

Get Vietnam VOA Approval Letter via your email from HANOTOURS and pick up your visa at the Vietnam airport upon arrival.

1/ What is the “Vietnam VOA”?

“Vietnam VOA” is a visa to enter Vietnam, which you apply for online before your trip. When applying for Vietnam visa upon arrival, your visa approval letter will be issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. Thus, it’s a legitimate document and fully supported by the Vietnamese government. With Visa on arrival, visitors will get their Vietnam visa stamped at Vietnam International Airports, so it’s applicable to air travelers only. This visa is only issued at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Cam Ranh International airports.

2/ Who uses the “Vietnam VOA”?

People all around the world use the “Vietnam VOA” service.

3/ What am I required at the airport after getting “Vietnam VOA Approval Letter”?

  • Passport
  • Invitation letter
  • 2 Photos of 4x6cm (Passport size)

4/ How does the “Vietnam VOA Approval Letter” look like?


5/ How much does the “Vietnam VOA Approval Letter” cost?





Single entry, 1 month

25 US$

30 US$

book now

Single entry, 3 months

30 US$

35 US$

book now

Multiple entry, 1 month

30 US$

30 US$

book now

Multiple entry, 3 months

35 US$

40 US$

book now

*Note: All quoted prices are subjected to change without prior notice

Working time:

  • 2 – 3 working days for normal invitation letter service
  • 24 hours for urgent service (business time)

Currencies accepted: Vietnam Dong (VND) and USD (US Dollars).

6/ What are methods of payment?

  • Credit cards
  • Western Union

7/ Contact information

Whenever you have any questions regarding the “Vietnam VOA” or other related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by:

Phone (+84) 3853 3555

Email: info@hanotours.com

Livechat to get more information.

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