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Terms and condition

Welcome to the website of Hanoi Tourism Trade and Investment Joint Stock Company (HANOTOURS). The service is provided to you on the condition that you accept the terms, conditions and notices set forth below (collectively this "Agreement"). By accessing and using our services, please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully because the Agreement contains information relating to your legal rights and restrictions on this right as well as a section referring to applicable law and dispute resolution authority. If you do not accept all of these conditions and conditions, you are not allowed to use the service.


I. Our service is provided
Provide customers with domestic and international tours, hotel reservations, air tickets, visa ...
Help customers have more information related to travel
We may change or modify this agreement in the future under the terms and conditions of this document and you understand and agree that your continued access or use of our services is synonymous with you accept the amendment of this Agreement. Remember to come back regularly to update the latest deals.

II. Website information
We endeavor to commit that all accurate information will be displayed on the website, but please note that the information is also revised from the service provider, so we cannot guarantee it. The above information is completely correct or without any errors. We reserve the right to change the information displayed on the website (including these Terms and Conditions) at any time without prior notice.

III. Obligations of website users
When using this site, please agree that:

You make sure all the information you provide about yourself and anyone else is absolutely correct.
You may not use the site to conduct fraudulent, fraudulent registration.
Any act of spreading threatening, defamatory, political or racist material, or any illegal or provocative material, is prohibited through this website.
You may not copy or modify information on these websites, unless you copy from this site for your personal and non-commercial use.
IV. Ensure departure schedule
HANOTOURS ensures departure schedules are posted on Hanotour.com.vn website. However, the departure time is guaranteed only when the customer has confirmed the registration at the time of departure, the registration must be verified by HANOTOURS Company staff and must include a minimum deposit. be paid to be considered "confirmed". This guarantee will still be based on force majeure circumstances.

V. Copyright and brand
The copyright in the content of this website belongs to HANOTOURS. We retain copyright and have full ownership of this site and its contents. HANOTOURS brand and all symbols, logos, images of HANOTOURS on this website and affiliated units of HANOTOURS have been registered for copyright protection. You have no rights and no license to use any of these trademarks.


I. Delivery policy
When you complete a tour / subscription transaction, this defaults to accepting emails that we can send to you, providing you with destination information and related specific information. Go to the registration and your destinations, and we can email you to fill out the customer review form.

II. Payment policy
- When registering, please provide sufficient information and pay a deposit to reserve the place. The deposit amount varies depending on the program you choose, the remaining amount is paid before 7 working days in cash or at the company.

- The payment is considered complete when HANOTOURS receives enough tickets before the departure date or under the agreement between the two parties. Any late payment resulting in cancellation of service is not the responsibility of HANOTOURS.

- With the form of bank transfer payment: When making a transfer, please specify your name, address, phone and the specific content of the tour you have chosen to register. After making the transfer, please fax the payment order to the company and contact the person in charge of the route to receive the official travel ticket from HANOTOURS Company.

III. Tour cancellation policy
1. In case of cancellation due to HANOTOURS

If HANOTOURS cannot make the trip, HANOTOURS must immediately inform the customer and pay the customer all the money that the customer has closed within 7 days from the notice of cancellation of the tour in cash. or fund transfer.

2. The case is canceled by the customer

- Cancellation of all services by tour participants must be sent and received in writing: email or fax. The company does not accept requests to cancel services by phone.

- The company is not responsible for any requests for cancellation of services that have not been received and have not been confirmed with you. In this case, a cancellation or tour cancellation fee will apply.

- Detailed cancellation regulations according to specific regulations of each tour program.

- In case customers pay online and cancel services according to the above regulations, customers will bear all bank fees for the payment of travel tickets. The refund will be made after the bank informs the money has been entered into HANOTOURS account.

3. Exempt rules or restrictions

We are not responsible for any damages, losses, liabilities, claims or charges (including the following causes: careless or indirect careless consequences) arising from Our website, regarding products or services made on this site.
Under the regulations of the Government of Vietnam, HANOTOURS will be exempt from the obligation to provide services and compensation in the following cases:

Force majeure cases such as natural disasters, wars, demonstrations or unexpected decisions of state management agencies. Solutions or compensation (if any) will depend on the relevant service providers.
Flight / car / train is delayed, canceled according to airline / train / vehicle notification beyond the control of HANOTOURS.
If HANOTOURS can prove that a passenger has been delayed, canceled or the passenger has not registered the address or contact information, or cannot contact the passenger according to the registered information.
Exemption of compensation for guests who are denied in the case of reasons originating from passengers (such as health status, epidemics, guest not complying with the charter / contract of carriage / regulations of authorities ...) at the request of authorities, aviation security ...

We acknowledge the suggestions and the desire to resolve questions quickly and fairly. Any comments please send to Customer Care Department:

- Headquarters: P 312, Golden Palm building, No. 21 Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

- Office 1: House A, Conference Center 37 Hung Vuong (Government Office)

- Office in Ho Chi Minh City: 1st Floor of Ho Chi Minh City Supporting Industry Products Center (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade), 156 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
- Office in Thai Nguyen: Số 2 ngõ 23 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Road, Thái Nguyên City

- Phone: 1900 0059 or email: info@hanotour.com.vn

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