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Welcome customers and partners! Hanoi Tourism, Investing and Trading Joint Stock Company (Hanotours) would like to expand to all you the respectful greetings and best wishes for health and success.

 In the trend of integrating into international economy, Vietnam's economy in general and the living standards of the Vietnamese people in particular have improved remarkably and increasingly. To reach this, must we work diligently and seriously. Therefore, a holiday with your family, friends or relatives will help to regain the balance for our lives, keep the spirit being full of energy all time. By and by, long journeys or real vacations will get the endless inspiration, then, we are able to ready to deal with new challenges when working again.

Penetrating your desires, Hanotours has built a team of consultants and professional tourism organizations since the first day operating, with the purpose of being willing to serve our customer. With the expectation of being the fellow traveller to share the exciting moments to customers, currently we are operating with the following areas:

As the professional organizers of international and domestic travel: especially at the tour programs combining team building, from elementary to advanced or conferences, listed as the example, locally and internationally

As the agent of the airlines (Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Air Mekong, Vietjet Air) and some international ones. Hanotours commits to providing the free support to the customer 24/7.

Providing professional train-ticket service: We currently offer train tickets for all domestic and international trains depending on the needs of our customers.

Other auxiliary services: consultancy of visa, entry and exit passports, booking a domestic and international hotel, cars for rent, train tickets, gift service, holding events , conferences, workshops and activities in relevant

At present, Hanotours has become the organizer of the tour programs gradually affirming the position in partners and customers’ minds. We are willing to listen and share with your desires even the smallest wish. Besides, our employees increasingly try their best to bring the customers the real relaxation moments without any anxiety or tension. With the motto that "Providing services, receiving smiles", Hanotours believes that we could give customers the enjoyable moments.

Hanotours is honor to welcome and serve you soon.


VISION: To cement the business to become one of the top Travel and Trading Companies of North Vietnam

MISSION: To constantly create products, services, etc. bringing the best satisfaction to customers; To effectively operate with the principle of making the best benefit to shareholders; To pro-actively participate in social activities with the ultimate of creating common interests for the whole society

+ Provide customers with the best services in the travel industry.

+ Cement an active and effective working environment as well as facilitate the development of the employees’ capacity of the Company

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: Satisfaction of customers is the blood source keeping our lives.


To construct the faith for the shareholders and investors

The Company expects to receive the support and cooperation of the shareholders and investors, join with our customers, partners and shareholders to achieve the success on the basis of satisfaction.

To understand the needs

To always understand and grasp the partners and customers’ needs to set appropriate steps; To be enthusiastic to customers and always strive to meet their needs in a best way. Hanotours determines that the customers are the companion with the development of the Company; Building the trust of customers is one of the key factors making the Company develop more and more prosperously.

To take consideration on human resource

People are the most important resources of the Company, the core element supporting to perform development and cement objectives of the Company. Hanotours will create the most effective working environment with the aim of fully developing the capacity of each member; To define that Hanotours is the closest home towards all employees.

To give prominence to business ethics

Each member of Hanotours is a messenger representing the Company reputation. The members are obliged to strictly adhere to the business ethics, always cooperative, open and show friendly attitude with other colleagues; To be enthusiastic and try their best to keep prestige with customers and partners.


Logo of Hanotours

Logo hanotours

Hanotours chose the representative image of Constellation of Literature pavilion, Nhat Tan Apricot blossom known as image of Hanoi. Constellation of Literature pavilion is also the place gathering the quintessence. Consequently, this symbol also represents the yin and yang harmony, hoping to give a sustainable development and prosperity to Hanotours. Moreover, the logo image with stylized petals resembling a turbine of a ship plowing on the sea, it indicated the aspirations of the manager’s board and members that people join hands to steer the Hanotours ship into the ocean to meet global citizens all over the world. This logo also shows the connection between Vietnamese tradition with the modern life.

The curves on the Logo show Hanotours staff’s flexibility and the ability to satisfy the customers’ needs tactfully and effectively.

Colors of the logo: The 4 main colors are white, pink, blue and dark blue. White represents transparency to shareholders and investors as well as the clarity of service to customers. Pink of the blossom symbolizes the warmth of spring, the season of luck and happiness. Blue is the color of sky and the ocean, it conjures up a deep, stable and peaceful feeling. Moreover, it is also the color of loyalty, trust, erudition, confidence and intelligence. In addition, this color brings the meaning of the clarity and pureness. Meanwhile, dark blue expresses wisdom, strength, stability and professionalism, create a peace of mind for customers and partners.

"Provide services - Receive Smile", Hanotours commits that, with the employees being enthusiastic, experienced, aggressive and creative, willing to dedicate to their customers, each trip will be the best satisfaction of our services, service style and each smile of customers will be a precious gift toward the Hanotours’ staff.


Possessing the advantage of being a cornerstone business respect of the Hanotours’s board of directors and coworker, the Company has established a strong position in the market, positively contributing to the development of the North Vietnam’s tourism industry in particular and Vietnam in general.

On April 15, 2013, Hanotours was permitted to operate the international travel business under International Travel License No 01-553 / 2013 / TCDL-GPLHQT by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT). This supported to the Company to have full legal entity to focus on the development of travel services for Vietnamese clients, including agencies, enterprises, units, organizations and individuals in Hanoi and other provinces going aboard for the conferences or travelling.

With a wide range of selected products and services linking to over 500 destinations in globe, Hanotours organizes numerous tours with the purposes of travelling, conferences, holiday, studying  in Vietnam and other countries around the world, not only contributing to meet the increasing and diversity demand of tourists but creating great business efficiency to Hanotours as well.

With the motto of constantly innovating and increasingly perfecting, Hanotours believes it is able to gradually develop and become one of the top Travel Companies of the North Vietnam, particularly and in Vietnam, generally.


Pursuant to Decree 180/2013 / ND-CP, businesses operating travel field for tourists going abroad or entering into Vietnam must fulfill the security payment of 500 million VND. Hanotours complied with the above regulation and granted International Travel License by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism on December 19, 2014.

International Tourism Center: http://indochinatourism.net/

International Tourism Center

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